From the team that brought you YEC, comes YEC Next

— a growth-driven community for early

stage entrepreneurs.

In 2010, Scott Gerber, a serial entrepreneur and renowned superconnector, and Ryan Paugh, a “cult legend” in the online community-building world, launched Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only brain trust that brought together some of the country’s most elite young entrepreneurs.

Since its founding, tens of thousands of founders have applied to YEC. Fewer than 10 percent have been accepted.

Those who’ve made the cut have formed new partnerships, built businesses, and achieved extraordinary growth. Along the way, we came to realize these outcomes shouldn’t be limited to just some individuals. What we were able to create for entrepreneurs in the later stages of growth, we wanted to do for those in the early stages.

With YEC Next, we’ve made that possible. We’ve created a place for entrepreneurs who have a shared hunger, passion, and generosity of spirit to take their potential a step further and turn it into results.

The founders who join YEC Next find greater opportunity, exposure, and connections in our community. The collective strength of their fellow members, and their YEC mentors, push them further along on their journey. And once they cross that threshold and graduate to YEC, the possibilities really do become limitless.

Our team wrote the book on community, and we’re excited to have you in ours. Welcome to YEC Next.

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